Peerless Pays it Forward

We took to the streets of New Jersey to hand out umbrellas on a less than stellar day. Watch as people react. Some people thought we were crazy. Others found a way to smile, even while it was raining.¬†ūüíó

Imagine your client’s stories being told through the branding on these umbrellas and handed out on busy streets in the pouring rain?¬†This product, when used in this manner, has exactly what it takes to¬†give your client¬†the power to be someone’s sunshine on a cloudy day and we want to help you make it happen!

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A Promo Without a Purpose?

In a recent post online someone was asking for some sourcing ideas for a particular type of company. We had a dollar amount and industry type, so that was a start. In order to offer up the best suggestions possible I asked for the purpose of the campaign. This person replied, “There is no purpose. It’s just a giveaway.”

Wait.  There is no purpose?

If there is no purpose or desired effect, then why is this company even bothering to spend the money? ¬†Answer: They aren’t. ¬†Or at least they shouldn’t be. Forgive me for speaking boldly when I say the distributor failing to ask what the products would be used for is doing their client a huge disservice. ¬†In fact, I would even be willing to say that this type failure to assess purpose before sourcing product is the number one reason that many business owners say they see no value in using promotional products to promote their business. This is also a large part of the reason the race to the bottom on price exists. Distributors often times answer the phone and take an order from a client without bothering to find out the why behind the buy. ¬†The good news is, there’s a fix! Clients tend to think they know what they want, but don’t actually know what they need. As professionals, it’s our job to show them the difference!

“When value isn’t a question, price isn’t an issue.” ¬†People are willing to pay more for goods and services that they feel are valuable. ¬†Goods and services that are valuable to a business are those that are not simply seen as an expense on a profit and loss statement, but instead are viewed as an investment that brings some sort of a return. ¬† As an industry we tout that branded goods are the number one way for a business to solicit to, ¬†bring in, ¬†and retain customers. When the right product is paired with the right marketing message, this is 100% true and the return on spend is easily quantifiable. ¬†However, when little or no thought is given to the purpose behind the promo, it can be a monumental waste of an end-buyer’s time and money.

So how do you find the right product and create the right marketing message? You do this by first determining the purpose of the campaign. If your client doesn’t know what they want the product to do, don’t let them move forward until they figure it out. If they say, ¬†“I want a pen with my logo on it” don’t be afraid to ask them why they want a pen and challenge them to think deeper about their purpose behind requesting that item. ¬†Asking these types of questions makes you far more valuable to your clients. They know you are here to truly take care of their needs and help their business grow. Remember my statement above? People are willing to pay more for goods and services that they feel are valuable! ¬†Take the time to help your client determine who they are trying to reach and what message they are trying to send. ¬† Whatever product(s) you choose, make sure your client has a well thought out purpose for doing so!

If, at the end of the day, a pen with a basic logo on it ends up being the best product to suit your client’s goals, and that product will be the best way to help them achieve the outcome they desire, then sell them the pen. If you can develop a solution for your client that is more unique to their needs and helps them stand out from their competition that much more, ¬†you’ll soon find that they will begin calling you more and price shopping you less. ¬†Rememeber: ¬†Every promo needs to have a purpose and ever so valuable is the distributor that helps their client figure out what it is!

Have you asked your client these questions and come to the determination that they want to include a product that has a high perceived value and low cost per impression, features one of the largest imprint areas available, and is something that will help them share their brand message for months and even years to come? If so, a bag or umbrella from Peerless might be right for you! ¬†For more information, please connect with us. We’ll help you source products to tie into your campaign that will get and keep people talking.¬†


Your Friend on the Field

While at a tradeshow recently, I had a coversation with someone about umbrellas. ¬† She said, “Being in a desert, we really don’t have a need for umbrellas seeing as though we don’t get much rain.” ¬† Immediately, I replied that umbrellas are not only great for rainy day, but on sunny days too! ¬†She shrugged and said, “Yeah. I suppose.” ¬†That response wasn’t what I was hopeing for! So, I took it one step further:

Me: ¬†“Do you have kids?”

Client: “Yes.”

Me: “Do your kids play sports?”

Client: “Yes.”

Me: “I have a son. He plays football. Practice starts in July when it’s still 115 degrees outside. It’s borderline miserable! I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, right? How many times have you sat there in your chair or on the grass, wishing you had some shade?”

Client: “Oh yes! Those days are the worst! There are only three or four people that have umbrellas or pop-up tents though. ¬†We’re always really glad we have them, but even though the other people would probably be happy to have one, they come back game after game without having bought anything for themselves. ¬†I am thinking that it must not bother them that much or they’d do something about it.”

Me: “Or maybe they just forget after they leave the field? ¬†As one of the three that does have something, you are happy that you thought to bring shade right? Does it stand to reason that the people that don’t have an umbrella, even though they don’t think to bring something on their own beforehand, would probably be grateful to have one while they are there?”

Client: “Well. When you put it that way, yes.”

Me: “OK. So, riddle me this. ¬†If you are a parent sitting in the sun at your child’s game or practice shielding your eyes from the sun, are hot, and most likely sweating, ¬†and company X showed up to the field and starting handing out bottles of water and umbrellas to people that didn’t have them, how would you feel about that company and that brand? ¬†That brand has now solved a problem you didn’t realize you really had, and created a positive experience for you, right? ¬†If you were part of this brand’s target market, and their product or service was something you would be inclined to use, what type of influence would this experience have on your decision on whether or not to use this companies products or services?”

Client: “Oh that would be really neat! And yes, I’d definitely consider using their services, and I’d probably leave the umbrella in the car so I’d have it for next time!”

Me: “EXACTLY! ¬†When you take a minute to think a little differently about the situation, you’ve can come up with a solution to help your client stand out from their competition in a HUGE way. ¬†Plus, people will be seeing your client’s branding for weeks, months, and maybe years to come. ¬†And, if you’re lucky, people will tell their friends about this “really cool thing that happened at the ball field! They might even take a photo and post it to Facebook and Instagram!””

The moral of this story is sometimes the simple fact that not everyone is doing something a certain way is the very reason you should branch out and do it yourself. Unmarketing says, “Your logo isn’t your brand. What someone thinks and feels when they see¬†your logo, that’s¬†your brand.” ¬†Don’t just sell a product with a logo on it. Create an experience and then use the power of branded products, and the messages on those products, as a means by which people will remember the experience you created for them when they see them today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Happy branding everyone!

Peace, love, and umbrellas. . .





The Peerless Guide to Pumpkin, Spice, and Everything Nice

While the start of the school year signals the end of the Summer season, and though the first leaves of Autumn have not even begun to think about falling from their respective trees, pumpkin spice everything is starting to hit the shelves of stores everywhere. With that, marketing professionals are starting to make their holiday lists and check them twice.  At Peerless, we are here to help make that process fun and easy!

So where do you start?

Items that are hot for the holidays tend to include new releases. ¬†We brought the original reverse open umbrella, the Rebel, into the industry in 2016. ¬†This year we’ve done it again with the Rebel’s fiesty cousin, the Renegade.¬†¬†Brand new to not only the promotional products world, but also retail, the Renegade is the automatic version of this revolutionary product. To give you an idea of just how well received this product has been, during its retail counterpart’s debut on QVC just a few weeks ago, they sold roughly 170k units in only an hour! ¬†One benefit to the Renegade is that it is around 1/3 of the size of our original Rebel. this makes it convenient for toting in a bag or purse. Also, the inverted ribs means that it is engineered to wow while keeping people dry at the same time, by propelling water away from the user with a simple push of a button. ¬†Sounds great, right?! But what does it cost?¬† The best part is that big value doesn’t have to mean a big price tag! You can add this hot, new seller to your gift list for as low as just $15.90 (P). We even have custom packaging available if you’d like to add a little something extra to your gift.


In addition to celebrating various holidays, the end of the year also provides an opportunity for recognition and appreciation at the corporate level. ¬† For the busy executive stress levels can easily get to an all time high. ¬†The one thing managers and supervisors might need, but not have time for, is a vacation. ¬†While a trip to the beach might not be in the budget, ¬†there are creative ways to give these hard-working individuals a few minutes of relaxation. ¬† Why not gift our¬†Hammock with Cooler¬†for example? This modestly priced showstopper comes in a compact carrying case, and once opened it takes just minutes to set-up. ¬†Whether it will be setup in a backyard, at a park, or even in the corner of an office or break room, deliver this with a few cans or bottles of the recipient’s favorite beverage, fire up that Beach Boys playlist, and tell them to take a few minutes to enjoy their¬†“Vacation in a Box”

Finally, rather than simply getting gifts, many people love to give. ¬†For these people, we have a few products that allow you to do both at the same time. ¬†Purchasing a clearance item from our Clearance for a Cause section ensures that $1.00 from each item sold will be donated to St. Jude Chidren’s Research Hospital. ¬†When looking at purchasing gift items this holiday season, please consider choosing one of these items. ¬†Threads of Hope allows to you buy great products and help do great things!


Whatever your holiday gift giving needs might be, Peerless is a great place to start. ¬†In addition to the items listed above, we have umbrellas and bags to fit all budgets and demographics. ¬†If you aren’t familiar with our catalogs, and/or would just like some assistance determining what items would be best suited for your client’s needs, please connect with us. We’re here to help ensure that you and yours have the happiest of holidays!


Using Promo to Sell Promo

Being that we are in the business of promoting branded merchandise, you would think it common sense that we would be the first people to recognize the value of using promotional products to build our own brands. Interestingly enough, however, rather than using promotional products to promote what we do, the majority of us resort to promoting our businesses through the use of email blasts, social media, and dare I even say it, cold calling. ¬† In a world where we proclaim that promotional products work and that these logo’d items are the number one way to build brand exposure and be remembered, the number of professionals using promo to sell promo is actually quite low. ¬†Though it might sound harsh, it is my opinion that if we, as self-proclaimed industry professionals can’t do a phenomenal job of differentiating ourselves from our own competition, then we have no leg to stand on when it comes to advertising that we can help our clients differentiate themselves from theirs. ¬†It then stands to reason that if we truly believe promotional products work, we should set out to become our own best case study. ¬†By creating a killer self promotion campaign, you will collect solid evidence to validate the idea that branded merchandise is the most powerful tool in any company’s marketing tool box, and be able to market your products and services with undeniable confidence.

So what does a killer self promo campaign look like?

Being that this blog is coming to you from Peerless, I’d love for you to work with us to develop a campaign that involves umbrellas, bags, or one of the other retail quality products that we produce. However, more than I desire for you to pick a Peerless product for your self promo, I want you to pick the right self promo for your brand. To do this, you need to be sure that the product you choose delivers the right message to the right recipient, and gives you the desired outcome you wish to achieve. ¬†Every brand is different. There is no one size fits all self promo.

The first step in picking the right self promo is to take a good look at the values and culture of your brand.  What makes you different than the guy down the street who sells the exact same products you sell? Low price is not a sustainable competitive advantage, and quality products paired with excellent customer service should be a given. You have to look deeper than that. Are you family owned? Are you involved in the community, or passionate about helping a certain demographic? Is there something special about what you do and how you do it?  What is your area of expertise? If you were the client you are trying to reach, why would you do business with you?

Next, determine who you will market to, what message you want these people to receive, and what action you want them to take. ¬†The benefit of picking the right self promo is that you don’t have to market to everyone under the sun and hope they bite. ¬†With a targeted message and specific call to action delivered to the right group of people, you can accomplish a lot more and most likely spend a little less. This frees up capital to invest in thank you gifts and loyalty programs for existing clients, which is also a very important self promotion spend!

Once you know what you want to accomplish, look for products and unique ways of printing on these products that help you tell your brand story. However, don’t stop there! The packaging, delivery method, and follow-up are just as important as the product. You’ll also want to be sure that you have a way to measure success. ¬† Your call to action might include a coupon, promo code, or token to redeem for a free gift with purchase which allows you a means to gauge your campaigns effectiveness when they are redeemed.

At the end of the day, the best part about creating a self promotion campaign is that once you have the first one under your belt, you’ll have a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t work. This will allow you to adapt what you do in your own campaigns, but also in your client campaigns. How cool is that? Using promotional products to build your own brand, not only grows your business, but it helps you help your client more effectively so they can grow theirs too. ¬†Now that is what we call a win-win!




A Challenge for You – Don’t Save it for a Rainy Day!

Charity here, coming at you from sunny Phoenix, Arizona. ¬†Here in the desert we are having a week full of record breaking days heat-wise. ¬†Yesterday the thermometer in my car registered at 123 degrees! Add to that, it’s supposedly monsoon yet there is not a cloud in sight. ¬†With these factors in mind, one might find it laughable that Peerless brought me of all people on to help them grow their umbrella business. ¬†After all, what in the world do I know about rain?

Contrary to what you might think, we actually do get our fair share of precipitation out West, but I’m not here to talk to you about using umbrellas on rainy days. When I’m out driving, there are actually people out walking around in this heat. While some don’t have umbrellas, although I am guessing they wish they did, many do! What I am here to tell you is that in two months of passing these very wise people toting around their own shade, there is one thing I have yet to see on any of these umbrellas. ¬†Branding!

Every time I see an umbrella without a logo, I not only see a blank, boring umbrella – I see a missed opportunity! That umbrella that I, along with hundreds of other passers by, am seeing, could be covered with you our your client’s logo, sharing their brand message with it.

When you take a moment to consider the facts, umbrellas have the ability to make your job really easy. ¬†How? ¬†Umbrellas offer a massive imprint area. In fact, these imprint areas are some of the largest of any products industry-wide. In addition, umbrellas are ultra-portable, making them true walking billboards. Plus, according to industry research, umbrellas are kept longer than almost any other branded product. ¬†When you are teaching your clients about cost per impression and trying to sell value, the amount of time a product will spend in the recipient’s hands is crucial. ¬†Don’t save umbrellas rainy day. Umbrellas can be used year round, in every season, and by people of all ages, so it stands to reason that they are the perfect product for your client’s next promotion – even if the sun is shining and there isn’t a rain cloud for miles!

So what’s next? I’m sending you on a mission!

Your challenge for the next week is to pay attention to people out walking. ¬†Is it sunny or raining? Are the people you seeing carrying an umbrella? If not, how much would having an umbrella improve their journey? If they do have an umbrella, is there a logo on it? ¬†My guess is you’ll soon find out that you’ve got some calls to make to clients whose brands deserve to be seen in sunshine and in rain! Better yet, connect with us for information on our self promotion options. ¬†That way when you see someone out walking on a hot day without any portable shade, you can give them your story to tell!



5 Products You Didn’t Know We Have | Peerless

Peerless Umbrella is a third-generation family owned business that was started in 1927. ¬†We’ve¬†been selling branded umbrellas into the promotional products industry for 35 of the last 90 years, but did you know we sell more than just umbrellas? ¬†That’s right! Our product line has recently expanded to include bags and direct import items.

You might ask why we have diversified the line. My favorite thing to tell people when they are searching for that perfect promotional product is that if they find a product they won’t love, keep, and use, their client probably won’t either. If they will love it, keep it, and use it, their client most likely will too. ¬†That’s what’s great about these new additions to our line.¬†All of our products exist with the¬†purpose showing off a logo, but also to be¬†used, and to help make¬†sure¬†people are covered while they are enjoying life. Being covered means that whatever product you choose, you’ve got the quality of the Peerless name and brand¬†making sure your clients have everything they need by their side in a trendy bag, are¬†sheltered¬†from the rain,¬†or have¬†shade from the sun. ¬†Really. . . Does it get any better than that?

Without further ado, take a look at these five products that you might not have known we’re available under¬†the Peerless…umbrella ūüėČ

1) Under Category Tote Bags, Style #DEN001 – Denim Tote

I’d like to think that a bag is the umbrella’s best friend, so it only makes sense that Peerless has bags too. ¬†Whether you are strolling through the city for work or leisure, or spending the day at the beach, tote bags are essential for well, ‘toting’. ¬†This denim tote is just one of 50 bags in our line. Yes, you read that right…We carry 50 different bags!

This particular bag is a classic tote bag made with genuine denim material. A tarpaulin gusset (Definition of tarpaulin here btw. High fives and epic bragging rights if you knew what that meant without having to click the link) makes this bag super durable yet stylish with its great color combinations. It has shoulder length straps and magnetic snap closure. Most importantly, however, this tote overflows with style Рand you can never have too much of that!


2) Under category Bags, Style #BHS002 РThe Urban Backpack

I personally prefer the grey over black in this style, but either way, it’s a must have. ¬†It is made of 210D polyester exterior with an ultra-suede bottom. It also has an outer pocket and multiple internal pockets for storage, plus an added compartment for a tablet and dual zipper and adjustable and padded shoulder straps. ¬†It’s retail look and quality available right here in the world of branded merchandise. ¬†In the word’s of Beyonce, if you like it then you shoulda put a logo on it.¬†Wait. Maybe she didn’t say that, but I bet if she saw this backpack she would have!

3) Under category Patio/Market Umbrellas, Style #4401SQ – Aluminum 7′ Market Umbrella

Imagine this, you’re sitting on the patio of your favorite restaurant wanting to stay and enjoy another nice cool beverage, but the sun is blaring down on you melting the ice cubes in your cocktail and giving you a sunburn. Peerless has an easy fix! ¬†You see, we¬†aren’t selling market umbrellas. We are selling an experience. These extra large billboards advertise your client’s message and keep people cool so that they can stay longer, enjoy themselves more fully, buy more products and services from your client, and leave to go on recommend this place to all of their friends on Facebook.


4) Under category Direct Import, Style #Wooden Cooler Box

Where there are outdoor patios and people sitting under market umbrellas, there are typically libations nearby and the only way to keep those mountains blue is to put ’em on ice! ¬†Our Direct Import Coolers come in several different styles, some of which are even built into chairs or a hammock. ¬†Let’s face it, the more appealing the cooler, the more appealing the beverage coming out of it.

5) Under category Outdoor/Tents, Style #HAM02 – Hammock with Cooler

Ok. Tell me you wouldn’t love to get this as a gift?! ¬†Minimum order is only 12 pieces. ¬†Best. Corporate Gift. Ever. ¬†Or set these up in an office and give people a place to nap on their lunch breaks? There we go selling experiences again, but there’s actually data to prove that sleeping on the job improves productivity. ¬†Actually, now that I am thinking about it, remind me to have a chat with Dan about this later! #newpolicy #naptimeinnewjersey


So there you have it. Five items you might not have thought of when you think Peerless! What do you think?  And, how can we help you share these items with your clients?

Click here to meet the brand new Renegade Inverted Umbrella ¬† ¬†| ¬† Are you following us on Facebook? ¬† ¬†| ¬† We’re on zoomcatalog. Take a look!


The Rebel Umbrella

The Rebel umbrella its a new and unique design that closes away from you, keeping you dry when closing the umbrella.
Push to open / pull to close.

48‚ÄĚ arc inverted style umbrella. Contrasting color on underside. Manual open/close. Pongee Fabric. Straight rubberized finger grip, handle.
Revolutionary design. Umbrella closes away from you, thus keeping you dry when closing. Easier to close when entering or leaving a car or through a door. It’s only been 300+ years, it’s time to change things up.