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Fun in the Sun – Summer Promotions from Peerless

We recently came across an article from Snipp Interactive that shares some great stats on Summer buying habits. We’ve featured a portion of these status below, and you can read the original full article here.

While the article from SI does not talk about promotional merchandise, it does talk quite a bit how the behavior of buyers changes in the summer. How does this impact your promotional product sales moving into the summer months? Read on and we’ll share our thoughts with you below:

From Snipp Interactive:


  • Studies show that warmth leads to more purchases (46% more likely to shop at 77℉ than at 68℉)
  • People pay more too: over 80% of consumers were willing to pay more for goods and services when they’re warm
  • People on vacation are more likely to go shopping (and in fact view going shopping as a critical part of being on vacation), and the fact is that the vast majority of Americans and others in the Northern Hemisphere vacation between June and September
    • 46% of surveyed consumers noted they will book their summer trip when the right deal presents itself to them online, and they will hold out until they see the right deal.(not completely sure how this is a relevant stat)
  • What describes the average person’s ideal summer?
    • Going on holidays (22%)
    • Good weather (28%)
    • Good times with family and friends (38%)

Shopping habits

Key Summer Shopping Periods

  • Memorial Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Independence Day
  • Back-to-School
  • Labor Day

How can you use this information to beef up your promotional product sales and beat the summer slowdown?

Consider creating incentive and thank you programs that include items that make vacationing more enjoyable, or, can create the experience of a vacation when time or budget may not allow for true out-of-town travel.

These items might include our Insulated Canvas Cooler, Portable Hammock, or Rolling Cooler.

Another great option for summer promotions might include encouraging your clients to have Fun Fridays or workplace celebrations to help keep employees motivated and productive throughout the summer months. Peerless offers a number of products available in lower quantity minimums that are perfect for this application, or any number of indoor or outdoor events.

Take a look at our Rolling Cooler, Tailgate Table, and Portable Bar (which can easily double as a check in or ticket table, etc.)

And finally, for smaller promotions, full color bags and Canvas beach totes make it easy for your clients to take their brand on the go, and brightly colored umbrellas can act as portable shade for parades and festivals.

Whatever your clients have going on, be sure to let them know about the #powerofpromo and the opportunities that await them when they use branded merchandise to share their story this Summer. And remember, at Peerless we’re always here to help you help them tell it.