New Year, New You!

The holiday season is upon us once again, and just like every year, schedules are suddenly jam-packed with holiday parties and last minute shopping we swore we would actually get ahead of this year.  Then, just as it always does, the hustle and bustle is suddenly over and we gather with friends and family to bring in a new year, and more often than not, a new you.  If you’re one of the 37% of American’s that make a New Year’s resolution, statistically, only 8% of you will actually stick to it.  If you’re one of the 63% who says they don’t make one at all, over 90% of you say it’s because you already know you won’t stick to it.  

Instead of making a single resolution for 2020 just because we tend to think January 1st automatically hits a reset button on any poor choices we’ve made in the previous year, why not set NEW GOALS?  Goals that can be worked on and adjusted as needed throughout the year, rather than an end-all-be-all resolution that makes us feel like we’ve failed if we break it.  Since the key to accomplishing goals is consistency and often requires constant reminders of our goals so they don’t get forgotten about and pushed to the side.  Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of a few of our favorite items that you can take to your clients, showing them just how promotional products can tie into reaching their 2020 goals all year ‘round. 

Since the number one resolution is some variation of being healthier; whether it’s to lose weight, exercise more or just eat healthier in general, encouraging an active lifestyle and getting outdoors is the easiest way to stick to that goal.  Our Canvas Cooler is stylish and functional, insulated and leak-proof, and is the perfect companion for carrying beverages and healthy snacks to any outdoor event.  Get creative and suggest adding a print item inside of each, with a few healthy on-the-go recipes for added encouragement.  https://www.peerlessumbrella.com/product/style-col20a/

Another great item is our 42” Double Folding Umbrella.  With your clients logo printed on the outside for ultimate brand awareness, this favorite of ours also offers a full color design on the inside panel.  Collaborate with your client on a design with some of your favorite inspirational quotes to encourage health and happiness every time the end-user opens it. Not only is this a fun and creative twist on a branded umbrella, we don’t want the rain to discourage anybody from getting outdoors, no matter what season they’re in!  https://www.peerlessumbrella.com/product/style-2351fcdc/

Last but certainly not least, check out our new Paddle Board Game for action-packed fun indoors or outdoors. Whether you’re taking it to the beach for a family outing, or encouraging your co-workers to spend their 15-minute break indulging in a little friendly competition rather than sitting around checking social media, our paddle boards are a great item for any demographic. https://www.peerlessumbrella.com/product/style-pad001-paddle-board-game/

For more ideas on creative ideas for your client in the new year, contact your local rep or visit us at https://www.peerlessumbrella.com/.  Are you ready to crush your goals in 2020? Let’s be Peerless together!