Let’s Get Creative!


Adobe CC or lower, AI, EPS, TIFF, PDF files


All fonts must be converted to outlines.


4- Color: Colors must be CMYK – Spot Colors: Must be a valid Pantone.


Please use Zip or Stuffit to compress files

Art Ready?

When sending your artwork via E-Mail it is very important that you include all the information like PO# & Customer Service Representative (If Known).


Here you can find out Art Submission FAQ, in case you are would like to know more about submitting your artwork.


What is full color process?

Full color process printing uses a combination of four inks that reproduce a wide range of colors at the cost of only four colors.

If your art/branding has very specific color guidelines, please provide them to us as a CMYK breakdown (ex: C10 M50 Y40 K15), or provide a Pantone value the factory can reference. However, we cannot guarantee an exact Pantone match when printing using a full color process.

What is 4-Color Process?

Colors must be CMYK. 4 color process grays, should be created from black, or they may produce undesired results in CMYK. The percentage must not be below 18%, or it may not print.

What is Spot Colors?

All colors must be a valid Pantone+ Solid Coated name. (Ex: Pantone XXX C) If not, it will not be recognized, and will be produced from a varied CMYK breakdown that can render undesired results.

What about Gradients?

Gradients created from Pantone Solid Coated colors yield undesired results. These may need to be converted to a strictly CMYK breakdown in order for the gradient to be smooth. However, the colors will be altered, and may not look like the Pantone Solid Coated colors originally desired.


Can I mail the artwork?

We recommend to e-mail your artwork with all the details of the order. Mailing a CD, USB drive may delay the whole process.

My artwork is too big, how can I email?

If your artwork is bigger than 10+ MB, there are few free online services like WeTransfer or Dropbox. We have no affiliations with either of those companies, but those are the most used to send large files.

Can I email a JPEG?

We understand in most occasions having a high resolution file is not possible, JPEG files are highly not recommended. We can’t use a JPEG for printing, we will have to re-create your artwork in order to print it. Depending on the artwork it may has an additional fee.

I submitted the incorrect artwork?

If you submitted the incorrect artwork, please let us know as soon as possible in order to wait for the correct version of the art.