How you can help save the planet with eco-minded products and give backs from Peerless.

Eco friendly. Is not a passing trend



#NoMoCello – We no longer cello pack our umbrellas. Exterior packaging gets tossed anyway.  Reduce waste!



You can now order our Top 4 Best Sellers in fabric made from recycled plastic and other sustainable and recycled materials. Interested? Ask about items #2351RPET, #2410RPET, #800RPET and #3406RPET



The boxes we ship in?
All made from recycled cardboard!



Sustainable doesn’t have to mean recycled or recyclable. Sustainable means something that will last! Better quality products are less likely to end up in landfills. Peerless umbrellas are designed to stick around and protect the recipient from rain or sun for years to come.

This past year Peerless donated $3000 to saving the rainforests.

Giving back
Let's save the Rainforest

When you buy Peerless products you do good things for the environment! In addition to eco-friendly products, we also give back with each purchase.  When you purchase any RPET handheld umbrella, we donate a portion of our sales to, the Rainforest Action Network. Their sole purpose is to protect the precious rainforests and help the planet.  From our research, is the most financially responsible rainforest conservation non-profit of its kind which means more money donated goes directly to this special cause.


Be a Rainy Day Hero!

We often end up with misprinted/unsellable umbrellas. Rather than throw them away, we ship them to distributors, like you, to donate them to local homeless shelters and
organizations serving the less fortunate.

How to get involved?

Contact your rep, or fill in the request at, to request a box of #RainyDayHeroUmbrellas. You’ll provide your shipping address and shipper number and we’ll take care of the rest!

Resources? Yes!

Need flyers and resources for your clients? Or have questions about going green with Peerless? Email