Tariff questions? Peerless has you covered!

On May 10th, many categories of products were hit with an additional 15% tariff.  The good news is umbrellas were not in this category and for the time being, pricing will be unaffected unless a third round is implemented.

Many of our bags and outdoor products were part of the latest round of tariffs and pricing will eventually have to be increased. However, inventory that we currently have in stock or that is due to our warehouse before June 1st will also be unaffected by price increases.  We are estimating that most products will remain unchanged through the end of the summer.

As we deplete certain styles, we will roll out updated pricing on our website and all the industry search engines including ESP, Sage and Distributor Central.

We will also note on each product page, for styles that have been included in this round of tariffs, that pricing is subject to change so you can manage your clients expectations going forward.

We will only be increasing our product cost based on the additional duties we are being charged. We will not be adding 15% to the net price.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any specific questions.

Thanks You,

The Peerless Team

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