Nanotech Fabric: The Fabric of the Future

Nanotechnology offers the potential to create hydrophobic materials, which repel water, by emulating the nano-scale structures found in nature. Inspired by the hydrophobic characteristics of many plant leaves, this application mirrors the dewy morning spectacle where water droplets on these leaves form spherical shapes rather than being absorbed. Termed the “lotus effect,” this phenomenon is particularly pronounced in the leaves of the lotus plant, showcasing the capability of nanotechnology to mimic and enhance natural water-repelling properties.

Introducing The Lotus.
Style# 2326NW

The epitome of innovation
in umbrella design

This mini marvel combines practicality with cutting-edge technology to redefine your rainy day experience. The Lotus is not just any umbrella; it’s equipped with a nanotech coating on its canopy, enhancing its durability and water-repellent properties. Raindrops simply roll off, leaving you dry and delighted.

Designed for convenience

It features automatic open and close mechanics, making it effortlessly easy to use. With its vented canopy, this umbrella withstands gusty winds with ease, ensuring you stay dry in style.


Black, Navy


Pongee Polyester


42 Inches


ABS Plastic

Compact and powerful

The Lotus is the perfect companion for staying prepared and looking sleek in any downpour. Elevate your umbrella game with The Lotus – where style meets innovation.